Friday, February 09, 2007

Ubuntu Edgy installation advice

In order for aqua scrollbars on all T-ish themes to work on Ubuntu Edgy installations you'll have to install gtk2-engines-pixbuf package.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

100000 downloads barrier breached

I can proudly announce that T-ish-Pack breached 100000 downloads barrier which makes T-ish second most downloaded GTK2 theme and seventh most downloaded item overall on

Even more, if we combine other T-ish versions downloads at and we will soon be approaching 200000 downloads overall, and if only 10% of this users are using T-ish occassionaly that makes well more than 10000 active installations.
Wow :))

So, now is the right moment to give thanks to all of you that have sent me suggestions, promoted T-ish on your blogs or simply motivated me to carry on with themes development.

And finally I have a request: If you are using T-ish on regular basis please send me the your screenshots so I can see how T-ish behave on different installations.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Migration to Beryl

I've migrated to quinn's compiz fork called Beryl, it works better then last compiz-quinn and have more features than official compiz, although it's still very experimental.
If you decide to migrate to Beryl take note that in order to use T-ish themes you'll have to change their extension from .cgwdtheme to .emerald.

Also, I've noticed great new compiz theme called Dream Tiger for Baghira, that goes really well with T-ish gtk themes.

If you use Compiz or Beryl try it.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

T-ish-Brushed Compiz themes

It's finally here, Pixmap engine for Compizthemer that allows you to have bitmapped window borders. That was of course prerequisite for seamless integration of T-ish-Brushed GTK themes with compiz window manager.

Here are my first T-ish-Brushed compiz themes. Both, the themes and engine performance are pretty much untested so we have yet to see how it will behave and what else could be done here.

If you like brushed themes please try it and post your experience and suggestion here.


Sunday, August 06, 2006

T-ish-Brushed Pack

Another consolidated classical release is out. T-ish-Brushed used to be my favorite theme and I used it most often until I switched to Compiz.

Now, it works very well with T-ish-Metal compiz theme but I'm still waiting the day when it will be possible to have brushed compiz borders.

However, all my desktops without compiz are running this theme and this refreshened version is well worth upgrading.

As usual, get it here, please give the vote and leave some comments if you care.:))

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Finally a Compiz themer

I have finally been able to install gcompizthemer on my laptop so here are my first efforts in producing T-ish borders for Compiz.

I really hope you like it.

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Announcing T-ish Pack

It has been busy two weeks for me. I've managed to publish two websites and two T-ish theme releases.

But before that just to mention: T-ish has made to digg's first page being mentioned in blog post about how to make gnome looks like OSX. That resulted with about 8000 downloads :))

Let's continue now:

Firstly I've published T-ish-Ubuntulooks variation of T-ish. Ubuntulooks had a few tricks that I long wanted to see in T-ish, so I've switched the engine, then made few gtk icon changes and published. I am mostly satisfied with the results, but theme was not really that much different to deserve separate version.

So then, I've decided to merge T-ish for Clearlooks and Tish for Ununtulooks into T-ish Pack. I have also added Graphite variation by Alejandro Cornejo.

So now we have:

  • T-ish - Clearlooks theme
  • T-ish Aguastyle - Clearlooks theme with some pixmap elements
  • T-ish-Ubuntulooks - Ubuntlooks theme
  • T-ish-Ubuntulooks Aguastyle - Ubuntulooks theme with some pixmap elements
  • T-ish-Ubuntulooks Graphite - same as above but thanks to Alejandro Cornejo

Changes between clearlooks and ubuntulooks variations include:

  • flat vs glassy look
  • different back, forward, up, down toolbar buttons
  • different gtk-close icon
  • different metacity close buttons (x vs dot)
If you wish,please leave a comment which you like better.

T-ish-Ubuntulooks is now deleted form repository since it is obsolete.

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